Accurate and detailed quotes in a single click

Libellula.BUDGET is the fastest and most powerful business system to provide a detailed estimate for its clients.

It’s designed and engineered to allow quick quotes of sheet metal parts starting from minimal information.

Through Libellula.BUDGET, Libellula programmers wished to complete the Libellula Univers software system, providing semi-finished and finished product in sheet metal through a performing, functional and easy to use tool.

The operator has a true partner in Libellula.UNFOLD: importing the CAD file, the system allows you to open the details in the plan, and subsequently auto positioning in a nesting. Libellula.UNFOLD is then able to manage the assembly drawings and obtain the particular individual to automatically send it to Libellula.BUDGET.

Libellula. BUDGET was designed to perform the calculation of complex estimates: thanks to the use of the software you will be able to provide a comparative quote for obtaining the same product through the use of different machines inside the company.

For the formulation of each quote Libellula.BUDGET will take into account automatically, material cost used, the amount of resulting scrap, the type of cut, the use or not of bending or other work centers, the need to activate non-cutting operations.

The richness of the parameters included in Libellula.BUDGET provides a firm guarantee to customers who require a quote, but it is also a safety for the economic interests of the company.


Development methods: a range of possibilities

The realization of comparative estimates of this kind is also possible by virtue of the insertion, within the software, of an extensive data library that refers to laser cutting machines, plasma and flame cutting, punching or waterjet cutting.

The data that make up the memory Libellula.BUDGET include:

  • The optimum parameters for materials cutting
  • The data of each single cutting machine and the relative kinematic description

Creation of additional cost centers:

bending, welding, assembling, piercing centers are only some of possible cost centers, where it’s possible to set different parameters to define the quotation calculation.

A high precision tool

It is the presence of these data, within the Libellula.BUDGET module, to transform the software into an instrument of maximum precision and adherence to reality in the formulation of each single quote

The attention to detail allows each company to provide rigorous and realistic estimates, from three basic models:

  • Quote on a single piece quotes
  • Single piece nesting quote
  • Multiple pieces nesting quote
  • Quote of assembled complexes and interventions in many work centers.

Price list rules:

possibility to customized the price list with various type of rules allowing calculations changes in absolute or percentage value.

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